Pawnee Leasing Corporation

Pawnee Leasing Corporation is a small-ticket equipment financing company specializing in providing commercial loans and leases for equipment financing from $1,000 to $350,000 for all credit types. Founded in 1982, we originate all of our business through an independent network of equipment financing brokers, and we operate in all 50 states. We are active members and leaders in several industry trade associations, including the American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (AACFB), the National Equipment Finance Association (NEFA), and the Equipment Leasing and Financing Association (ELFA).


Pawnee Leasing Corp had an on-premise Avaya phone system and Enghouse Contact Center solution that was becoming costly to maintain with the upgrades needed, maintenance of the system & costly license upgrades. It was also becoming a difficult task for the small IT department to maintain multiple platforms, manage the downtime periods during any upgrades, and the inconsistent connectivity for Pawnee’s remote workers.  The remote worker connectivity was critical for the business, and the inconsistent VPN uptime caused frustration for remote workers ultimately, skewing call metrics and call recordings.  Without having the key metrics working correctly, it made it tough for management to track employee performance and accurately assess areas to improve, so Pawnee’s customers were provided the highest level of customer support.


After going through a laborious process and demoing different leading UCaaS & CCaaS Solutions, Pawnee Leasing ultimately selected Dialpad for their cloud UCaaS & CCaaS solution allowing the business to be more agile, easier to manage, providing the ability to take advantage of new features & functionality real time, and still provide the resiliency and uptime including remote workers. The Dialpad solution provides the Pawnee employees with a unified application that works on a mobile client, desktop, and browser that offers the same functionality and user experience.


With any new system being implemented, there are always challenges.  We did have pushback from some of our users because of the complete change in the calling workflow, but with the proper training and help from the All in IT team, we were able to make the transition pretty smooth.  There are some features that may not be available but we discovered that Dialpad does offer a feature request option that allows them to review and look to add in future updates.   That all being said, Dialpad is an excellent, cloud-based, phone system that we would recommend to anyone.

Lance Albanese
Head of IT
Pawnee Leasing Corporation