How RE/MAX stays connected on one unified telephony platform with Dialpad & All in IT

RE/MAX, LLC is a real estate franchisor that supports RE/MAX real estate brokers and agents around the world with tools they need to build their businesses. With more than 140,000 agents and a presence in over 110 countries and territories, RE/MAX, LLC needed a powerful communications platform to connect to its network.

The RE/MAX, LLC headquarters used to use Cisco, but even that didn’t have everything they needed. According to Jeanna Bash, Director of Enterprise Applications: “We were on an older platform, and when we ended up working remotely due to COVID, there were some challenges with the way folks were able to use the telephony system. The ease of use wasn’t there.”

Josh Gilmore, Executive Director of Product Support, also knew they needed to get more efficient. All the different systems and vendors meant there were too many places where things could break and go wrong—it was too much to manage. “Our leadership team had to look at three different systems just to get data,” he explained.

It was time to bring their businesses and facilities together with one unified telephony platform—something that could support their team and integrate with all their existing tools.

Making the move to Dialpad

Jeanna worked with Jamie Barcia, Vice President of Information Technology, to look for a new unified telephony platform. They knew they needed a hosted solution, but there were a few specific features it had to include.

“The transition to the cloud was really about creating flexibility,” Jeanna explains. Improving data analytics was also one of the top priorities for us, as well as integrations.”

All in IT first connected with RE/MAX, LLC when they registered for an installment of their monthly recurring “Pizzacast” webinar series. This series is designed to be a complimentary knowledge-transfer service for All In IT’s customers and prospects, where they get to enjoy a “meal and a show” over lunch, while All in IT gets to showcase one of their premier partners and the solutions they have to offer.

RE/MAX, LLC joined All In IT on a month that Dialpad was presenting, and they were impressed enough with what they saw during the webinar to ask for a follow up meeting. Upon completing our initial discovery process, All in IT was able to confirm for RE/MAX, LLC that Dialpad met enough of their initial requirements to continue assessing them as a leading option to replace their existing telephony environment. All in IT’s in-house Cisco expertise allowed us to immediately relate to the challenges RE/MAX, LLC was facing with the existing solution, and assure them that a hosted solution from Dialpad was not only going to address the known challenges, but also deliver a far more feature-rich, and future-proofed, experience for their end users.

So, what was it that made them choose Dialpad? Not only did it check all their boxes but the reps they met with were ready to show them how Dialpad works and how they could help RE/MAX, LLC every step of the way.


“After going through the demos, Dialpad won because I felt they really heard us, met all of our requirements—which there were a lot of— and provided facts about how it could fit.”


Josh adds that Dialpad offers unique features that could really help RE/MAX’s support team. “One of the main reasons I was drawn to Dialpad was the Real-Time Assist cards” he said. “Being able to provide live information brings a whole new level of capabilities to a support team.”

At first glance, moving RE/MAX, LLC’s HQ to Dialpad was a daunting task. But Dialpad was ready to take it head-on. Dialpad’s team worked closely with RE/MAX, LLC to understand their specific needs and made the transition quick and seamless.

“The Pro Services team we worked with did an incredible job,” Jeanna remarked. “We migrated over the HQ platform—probably about a thousand numbers—within a six-week timeframe, from the time the contract was signed to the time we had our first deployment.”

In fact, it was so painless that once the headquarters were done migrating “literally the following week.” By the first week in April, they were good-to-go.

A single platform for everything, on any device

If RE/MAX, LLC was going to get their entire company on a single unified communications platform, they needed to make sure everything was connected. We’re talking: one platform to cover calling and SMS messaging. And with a single company-wide contact list to make it easy to reach anyone—no more needing to search different contact lists and make calls across disparate systems.

“Our objective was to not only replace and modernize HQ’s telephony infrastructure, but also to integrate other systems into a single platform, creating a fully connected experience.” Jaime said. “With everything aligned, employees can engage with their team and communicate both B2B and B2C, all within Dialpad. It’s a far more efficient solution, eliminating the frustration of having to consult an email directory over and over.”

One major goal for RE/MAX, LLC was being able to access their unified telephony platform on any device—desktop computers, mobile devices, and even web browsers. It was important that it worked and felt the same regardless, for a consistent experience no matter what devices they’re using:

That was another area where Dialpad fit all their criteria. In fact, RE/MAX, LLC’s employees can even make a call from their computer, switch to their mobile phone with the push of a button and switch back just as easily without missing a beat.

A perfect fit for Salesforce

A unified solution is only the start. It was important that the new system also integrated with their CRM. Luckily, Dialpad did just that.

Dialpad’s Salesforce integration allows users to see caller information as soon as their phones ring, make calls from within Salesforce, and automatically log each call (all on a single pane of glass):

“We needed a platform that was strong and had a tight integration with Salesforce, so that we wouldn’t have a staff person going into two applications,” Jeanna explains. “Our Support team wanted to be able to view their ‘omni-stats’—telephony, email, and chat—in one pane of glass under one location within Salesforce, without having to go to multiple applications to get that data. Out of all the vendors we looked at, Dialpad had the strongest integration, allowing us to get that right out of the gate.”

“Dialpad’s ease of reporting was a huge victory right out the gate”

“We have a ton of different dashboards and reports within Salesforce that we use, but we used to lack a real deep dive into the voice side,” Josh explains. “We could get the standard call center stuff, but even that was difficult to extract from our own system. So Dialpad’s ease of reporting was a huge victory right out the gate.”

Today, RE/MAX, LLC uses Dialpad for inbound and outbound calls across reception, IT, and more. Each department has call routing set up so they can use 800 numbers or generic toll-free numbers, based on their needs and locations.

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